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Plexus Wifi - Solar Powered Wifi

Plexus wifi is Superfast pay as you go wifi that is powered by the sun!

We cover entire cities with wifi so you are always connected, we don't sell any dongles, routers or any additional equipment for you to connect, your device is all you need!

Simply turn on the wifi feature on your device and input a voucher code for a wifi bundle that comes in daily, weekly and monthly PAYG options. This means anywhere in the city where there is coverage, you will have wifi access!


If you are a business and are interested in getting business internet service from us in Zambia, please click here for more information

For 24 HOURS you will have unrestricted, unlimited access to superfast internet access through our 21st century wifi network...

Is one day not enough, indulge in ONE WHOLE WEEK of unfettered Wifi access any where in the city we have coverage!


This plan is for the hardcore users who 'live connected' at all times! Enjoy 30 days super quick wifi access at the best value for money!

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Full coverage across Lusaka city...

Wherever in Lusaka you are, as long as it can receive a wifi signal and log in, you can use our wifi!


And the best part is, wherever you are and can see the 'Plexus wifi' network.


Smartphones, tablets, laptops, games consoles and more

can connect...


We remain fast, reliable, affordable and always put our users first!

If you have any questions, email us:

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@TrianglesEvents  Apr 7

Now following @PlexusWifi Getting Africa connected with super fast WiFi is a great idea. #GetAfricaConnected #SuperFastWiFi


@Charismahn  Mar 16

@plexuswifi voila,Cool! Will be a customer! & if you need anything RealEstate related sells,rentals or multi media services am your guy!


@juan_gutty  Mar 16

I just got free wifi for a week from @plexuswifi you can too right now...


@ErasmusMweene  Mar 11

#Zambia needs someone to come and shake the ISP space. We need someone to teach Airtel, MTN, Zamtel, Zamnet and iConnect a lesson.



"This is the service I have been waiting for..."


- Jason Banda

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City Wide Availability...

Our network is fully solar powered and can withstand prolonged power outages.

We are continually expanding the network across the city! If we haven't reached you main roaming areas yet, we will soon be there!


Our target is to cover every home, every business, every school and every hospital

Excellent efficient service.

We are committed to providing a service like no other, maintain high uptime, high speeds and high quality customer services!


We also want to create economic opportunities and welcome local ambassadors and voucher resellers to register in order to retail vouchers and generate an income for themselves. To find out more go to our Distributors page to register your interest.




Our policy is to work WITH the people of Zambia to build the network that fulfils all your needs!

We see a fully connected 'smart nation' that has everyone connected, even in the hardest to to reach areas!

Everyone should have equal opportunity and access to information, the internet is the best way to gather a lot of information so we are determined to get everyone connected!